Blockchain based Digital Therapeutic Device

Healthcare Data Security on Blockchain

At Epillo Health Systems, we believe that Blockchain has the potential to
revolutionize the way patients own and control their Health Data, and the
way healthcare stakeholders manage, secure, and share patient data.

Decentralised Ledger Model

The Blockchain distributed ledger methodology promises to create an unprecedented level of accuracy, privacy, and security for healthcare stakeholders, offering an innovative new way to ensure robust data integrity while giving patients more control over their own data.

As a distributed shared ledger and database, blockchain has the characteristics of openness, transparency, decentralization, and anti-tampering. With the above characteristics, blockchain has wide applications in the Healthcare Industry. leveraging Blockchain’s decentralized models we can help make healthcare more predictive, preventative, and personal.

Healthcare on Blockchain Technology Epillo
Data storage on Blockchain Epillo

Issues in Current Healthcare Networks, Storage and Transmission

In the current scenario, healthcare organizations are facing a serious problem in sharing medical information among different stakeholders without sacrificing the privacy and integrity of information.

To store and share such a large volume of sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) securely is an important issue. Patients have less or no control over their Health Data storage and transmission. Hence, the trust in the care system’s efficiency, safety, reliability, and security is being compromised with current models in use.

Blockchain based Digital Therapeutic Device

Be your Data Boss

Improving Patient Health Data Ownership, Safety, and security through Data access and control.

Epillo Health System Blockchain

Transmit data on your own terms

Patients could receive automated notifications when a party asks permission to access a certain piece of data or requests a change, giving individuals more control over how, when, and for what purpose their data is shared.



EPL Blockchain relies upon a multi-layered hybrid consensus algorithm based on modified Proof-of-stake, Proof-of-History, and Proof-of-reputation developed by Hydrus7 Labs Limited. In this method, the work of block generation and validation is, respectively, completed by the nodes using the Proof-of-stake, Proof-of-History, and Proof-of-reputation consensus algorithm. 

By adopting Multi (3) consensus algorithms, the malicious nodes must control more than 51% of the nodes that adopt the two consensus algorithms, at the same time, to effectively attack the system, that is, they must have more than 51% of the computing power and more than 51% of the tokens. This not only increases the cost of malicious attacks but also reduces the waste of computing power.

Healthcare on Blockchain Technology Epillo