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System and Method for Blockchain based Digital Therapeutic Devices to Predict Drug-Food Constituent Interactions

AI-based Computational Molecular docking

The artificial Intelligence-based computational molecular docking model used in the present invention can autonomously explore multiple possible binding sites and modes and score them according to the interaction potential of drug compounds and food constituents with target protein sites and detect the drug and food interaction type by predicting the most probable binding sites.

Blockchain based Digital Therapeutic Device
Data storage on Blockchain

Proprietary Algorithms

A set of proprietary algorithms forming flow and systems to create a Digital Therapeutic Device (DTx) for Patient & Clinician's use.

SVM model to predict pharmacological profile changes in Drug when
co-administered with Food.

A method according to systems established in the innovation wherein a Support Vector Machine learning Model (SVM) is used to determine, evaluate and quantify changes in the pharmacodynamic profile of Orally Administered and IV drug when co-administered with food ingredients and compared to the Drug’s Initial Screening Data to establish Pharmacodynamic profile changes in the Drug mechanism in response to intake/co-administration of different food items/ingredients through computational molecular docking models, graphically and visually through visualization tools.

Healthcare on Blockchain Technology
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A Digital Therapeutic Device.

In one embodiment of the present invention, a user-facing application based on Machine learning models to evaluate and predict Food - Drug constituent interactions through an Artificial Intelligence-based computational molecular docking model has been established accompanied by a set of clinical tools, together forming a Digital Therapeutic Device (DTx).

Data storage on Blockchain distributed ledger.

Data sharing in healthcare has always been a security and safety concern for individual consumers and between organizations and consumers. It is of much interest and relevance in today’s time to present a secure, safe, and anonymous data transmission and storage model, and therefore this invention provides that the health data of patients is stored by way of an immutable, transparent, decentralized, and distributed database in the form of blocks connected together by means of a hash.

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